Pinnacle Gift

Take ACTION: Action Creates Clarity

Happy Friday once again! We are officially done with Q1 2022! How are you doing on your goals for the year? Did you set Q1 goals? How did it go? This month our theme is Taking Action! People who know me tell me all the time they are impressed by how I take action and…

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Identity – Can others see the real you?

Last week I had the great pleasure of teaching the Pinnacle Gift course. I am always amazed at how strangers or acquaintances, can come together and know very little about each other, yet be able to see so much in each other. One of the attendees said at the end of the day, she was…

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Pushing Water Uphill With A Rake?

I love this expression!  It gives you a clear image of a struggle!  Something seemingly futile, but we keep on trying over and over.  Can you relate to that in your business?  In my work with Entrepreneurs, I often see them struggling with the same thoughts and actions in their business.  They are doing what…

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