5 reasons you need to define your WHY

Most people do not know what is their true calling in life. Some people just don’t care about this and are happy to be a drifter in life and just “go with the flow”. Others do care about it but have problems with identifying their real purpose in life.

Today I’ll share the 5 reasons why you need a WHY statement

1. It will provide clarity about your purpose in life

If you don’t know your true life’s purpose then you will end up doing things that you really don’t want to do. There are so many people working jobs that they hate just to pay the bills. They dread Monday mornings and always feel apprehensive on Sunday nights. This is no way to live your life. 

When you know what your true purpose is in life you can take action to achieve this. You will have more confidence and can get a job that will align with your purpose or finally start your own business! You will have more energy and be motivated every day.

2. A WHY Statement Sharpens your Focus

Without the right focus in your life it is easy to set goals that you are not truly committed to achieving. A lot of people follow their friends and other influencers in their life and end up setting the same goals as them. We are all different and this rarely works out well.

When you identify what YOU really want your life to be about this clarity helps you to work out your next moves with more ease. You can use your WHY statement to drive you forward each day and achieve what you really want from your life.

3. You will make the Right Decisions

Have you ever made wrong decisions in your life? Of course you have we all have!

When you have a strong and compelling WHY statement it will help you to make much better decisions in life.

Many decisions have serious consequences and if you don’t know your true purpose then you can dismiss these consequences in exchange for short term pleasure or gain. With a good WHY statement you will assess the long term consequences and be able to make better decisions.

4. It Provides more Accountability

People that have no purpose in life tend to shy away from accountability. They are just happy to drift along but then complain bitterly when things go against them. It is never their fault of course and always someone else’s.

With a powerful WHY statement you will know where you are going in life and can be accountable for for actions needed to get there. You will think things through and only take action where it aligns with your WHY statement. This additional accountability will make you a better person.

5. You will be Healthier and Happier and build your Resilience.

Having a clear why can increase happiness. When you are happy then you tend to be healthier. Everyone has to face problems in their life. When you have a compelling WHY statement you can see these problems as opportunities for you to grow and attain fulfillment in your life.


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