Connecting to your gifts!

Wow! It’s already the last Friday in January! 2023 is rolling along at a fast pace!

Today I am so grateful to be teaching the Pinnacle Productivity Course! Each one of these all day courses is transformational to small business owners! I love being their guide to the transformation!

We are talking about connection this month and I want to explain how I see productivity and your gifts are connected.

3 Ways Getting Clear on Your Pinnacle Gift with Help with your Pinnacle Productivity!

1) You are swimming downstream! When you are clear about your gifts and build your productivity around using your natural gifts more – you are in the flow and it feels like swimming with the current instead of against it. Have you ever experienced working on projects and everything that can go wrong does – thats moving against the current.

2) Energy & Focus – When you are clear on your gifts and how you want to use them to grow and serve your clients, your energy is high and focus become clear. There is less looking around to see what everyone else is doing because you are building a business unique to you!

3) Decisions become easier. When you know your gifts and how you want to spend your time, it becomes an anchor to keep you from chasing random things and helps you choose the right opportunities that fit you. You will have the clarity to say NO or YES to those things that are in alignment.


Ask yourself:

 How am I connecting my gifts to the work I do everyday?

When are you swimming upstream?

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