Staying in touch with your WHY

As we wrap up this month’s theme on your Why Statements I wanted to share with you some examples of how to keep it in front of you as a reminder /motivator. 

Two of my favorite ways I keep my Pinnacle Gift statement in front of me:

1) It’s on my calendar as a repeat event on the same day each month.  My birthday is on the 9th and so each month on the 9th – I open the appointment calle READ YOUR PINNACLE GIFT from 8:30- 9:00 a.m.  When I open the appointment – in the notes I have my Pinnacle Gift Statement and I read it out loud to myself!  It’s so helpful to connect with who I am and how I show up. 

2) Print it and frame it  – put it somewhere you will see it everyday (like where you brush your teeth) or somewhere you may randomly see it and be inspired to read it (like a bookshelf).


Do you need some clarity on your WHY?

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