Take ACTION: Action Creates Clarity

Happy Friday once again! We are officially done with Q1 2022! How are you doing on your goals for the year? Did you set Q1 goals? How did it go?

This month our theme is Taking Action!

People who know me tell me all the time they are impressed by how I take action and make things happen! It comes naturally to me – it’s one of my Pinnacle Gifts! I can easily see the big picture and then break it down into the small action steps needed to get me there.

I know that this does not come naturally to everyone. We all are blessed with our own unique gifts!
The subject line today came from a webinar with James Wedmore. He kepts saying ‘Action Creates Clarity’ and it really stuck with me. So much so that while watching the webinar – I went and bought the domain name www.actioncreatesclarity.com ! I haven’t done anything with it yet – but I took the action to reserve it just in case.

How does Action Create Clarity?

We’ve all heard the analogy about taking a trip and you have to know your starting point and destination, right? Well that’s just step one. To ACTUALLY get going on your journey you need to take action!
Putting it in a business analogy – if your destination is to have an email list of 1000 subscribers and you are starting at 0 – you have a starting point and an end destination.
Now what? Take Action! Put your car into gear and go!

  1. Action – you research email marketing platforms and sign up for one. Clarity – you have a place to send people and to create your content!
  2. Action – design a template for your newsletter. Clarity on your branding!
  3. Action – what do you want to talk about (what value are your readers going to get?) Clarity on your messaging
  4. Action – invite your network to join your newsletter. Clarity on who is in your network 🙂
  5. Action – market your newsletter to those outside your network. Clarity – who do you want to reach and where are they?

And so on and so on. From every action step you gain some clarity! Keep taking action!

TAKE ACTION: Look at your goals for this Quarter.

Where do you want to go with your business?

What are some actions you need to take to gain clarity?

Write down one of your Q 2 goals and then right down the steps and the clarity needed to help you reach them.

Need someone to help you figure out how this all relates to your business? Schedule a free 30 minute FOCUS call with me!