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Podcasts & Interviews:

The Janine Bolon Show with Guest Mary Gaul: I had so much fun talking with Janine about the process of writing my books and marketing them.  Reminded me that maybe it's time to get started on another one!

Add Value 2 Entrepreneurs with Robert Peterson: A great conversation all about small business challenges - lots of great tips!

Flow Working The Entrepreneurs Channel (YouTube)-  I'm the Operations / Productivity expert for FLOW - watch or listen in to the by-weekly podcasts full of quick tips and tricks and inspiration!

How Did I Get Here Podcast with Kathy Lawless (Episode 104) - Listen to my journey from childhood through running two businesses - including all the joy and challenges along the way!

Live Blissed Out Podcast with Maris Huston (Episode 88) - I get to share about The Magic Meal Planning System! Also the top 10 items to keep in your pantry for go to meals!

Mind, Body and Soul Lifestyle Tips Podcast with Alex Winningham  - A fun chat all about the Magic Meal Planning System and how it ties into Entrepreneur productivity!

Rocky Mountain Marketing Podcast with Katie Brinkley - How Hiring A VA Leads to New Revenue.  In this fun interview with Katie, I share about hiring my first contractors in my virtual assistant business.

Voyage Denver Magazine  - Life and Work with Mary Gaul.

I was honored to be featured in Voyage Denver Virtual Magazine. Voyage Denver thinks it’s important for media to more authentically represent the communities they serve and so we try to ensure that voices of those we feature jump off the page.  We think independent entrepreneurs, freelancers and other risk takers make our cities exciting to live in.