Communicating Your Why

How To Communicate Your WHY Statement

When you make a commitment to create a truly powerful WHY statement, it is a good idea to share it with other people in your social circle. You can share your new personal WHY statement with your family members, your close friends, your clients, and prospects. 

Sharing Provides Accountability

By sharing your WHY statement with the important people around you will make yourself accountable and more motivated to live by it. You know I’m all about accountability! 

Not everyone that you share your WHY statement with is going to hold you accountable.  Think about who will make a good WHY statement buddy. This is a person who will truly hold you accountable to your WHY statement and will let you know in no uncertain terms of you fall of the rails. 

You may catch yourself drifting away from it – I put in on my calendar on the same day each month so that I read it and can help  myself stay true. 

Is it necessary to Share your WHY Statement with everyone?

There are going to be some people in your circle that just don’t get it.

In business, it may seem a bit Woo Woo or too personal

Creating a clear WHY statement and using in your marketing messages and on your website will help prospects build a Know Like and Trust factor with you.  They will feel like they know you and either align with your Why or they won’t – it’s OK.  You are not meant to work with everyone. It will help to attract those you are meant to work with.


Do you need some clarity on your WHY?

I can help you get really clear on your WHY and help you define your purpose:

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