Pushing Water Uphill With A Rake?

I love this expression!  It gives you a clear image of a struggle!  Something seemingly futile, but we keep on trying over and over.  Can you relate to that in your business? 

In my work with Entrepreneurs, I often see them struggling with the same thoughts and actions in their business.  They are doing what everyone else is doing (or telling them they should be doing) and its not working for them.  They are trying to be like everyone else!

I was doing the same thing too!

When running my first business, I felt like I was pushing water uphill when it came to sales, time management, and networking.  Who was I going to show up as this week? Bringing a new product or offering, a new message, a new target market, and always tweaking but nothing felt exactly right. 

Then I got clear on my Identity and everything started to shift.  I know it sounds trivial, but it really can make a huge difference!

In 2014, I attended the Pinnacle Gift course and wrote out my Pinnacle Gift Statement below: 

 My Pinnacle Gift™ Statement from 2014
“Creative Trusted Leader”
I increase the energy, joy and well-being of those around me through nurturing a warm genuine connection.
With confidence, I use my strong intuition to see the big picture and then easily design creative innovative solutions.
I bring the calm and clarity of a trusted leader to encourage action and achieve results while having fun!

Once I had this clarity, things started to shift.  I could use this statement as an anchor. 

  • When networking – I would read my statement before walking in.
  • When creating marketing plans – I would read this to make sure I was in alignment with my natural gifts.
  • When working with clients – I would read this to remind myself of my unique skills and talents and know i was doing what I was meant to do. 

I stopped pushing water uphill and things began to flow!  I was swimming downstream with more confidence, clarity and conviction!

Are you ready to step into your gifts and use them to grow your business?“The Pinnacle Success™ Courses have been a life changer for me.   Living and working within my Pinnacle Gift™ have helped me regain energy and own what I bring to the business”

-Suzanne Mitchell, Zamar Screen Printing


Take action – Reach out – If you have questions about how to use your gifts to set yourself apart,  I’m happy to help you identify and clarify a plan!  You simply chose a time to schedule a Free 30 Minute FOCUS Call with me.