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Communicating Your Why

How To Communicate Your WHY Statement When you make a commitment to create a truly powerful WHY statement, it is a good idea to share it with other people in your social circle. You can share your new personal WHY statement with your family members, your close friends, your clients, and prospects.  Sharing Provides Accountability…

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Take ACTION: Action Creates Clarity

Happy Friday once again! We are officially done with Q1 2022! How are you doing on your goals for the year? Did you set Q1 goals? How did it go? This month our theme is Taking Action! People who know me tell me all the time they are impressed by how I take action and…

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CLARITY: Does your business need readers?

Last week I was leading the first Get It Done Already day of the year.  We were all moving through our lists and getting it done!  In the afternoon one of the attendees made a statement that she should remember to not wear contacts next time, because she was experiencing eye strain from working on…

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