CLARITY: Does your business need readers?

Last week I was leading the first Get It Done Already day of the year.  We were all moving through our lists and getting it done!  In the afternoon one of the attendees made a statement that she should remember to not wear contacts next time, because she was experiencing eye strain from working on her laptop all day.  

I told her she could try an extra pair of my readers to see if it may help. (Yes – I’m over 50 and I have them everywhere!)  She put them on and was shocked at how much better she could see!  For the next few minutes – she was just amazed and kept raising and lowering the glasses to compare her vision with and without the glasses.  We advised her to head to the dollar store to pick up a few pair at different strengths and then she could invest in some really cute ones online!  

This made me think – where in my life or business am I struggling with inconvenience or strain but don’t ask for help or seek out a solution? 

Is it with technology? Or with my operations or sales?  Maybe with my finances/bookkeeping? Could this be the year you hire help? A coach or admin?

What is something you have been putting up with in your business? How could viewing it with new lenses help you see the way forward more effectively?

Take action – Reach out – Let me be your new lenses!  I’m happy to celebrate wins, acknowledge your current greatness and help map out an amazing future!  You simply chose a time to schedule a Free 30 Minute FOCUS Call with me.