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Questions: 3 Magic Questions

 3 Magic Questions for your Business As a business coach and as an Entrepreneur I love the thought of asking questions to shift your thinking.   I firmly believe that our thoughts become things, and realize that humans tend to have more negative thoughts than positive ones. So how to shift that?  Affirmations, Gratitude Journals –…

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Planning: Stop, Keep, Start

Feeling the pressure of a year ending and a new one beginning? If you are like me and many other entrepreneurs I work with, you are feeling the pressure of all of those unfinished projects.  You may be looking at your list of goals from January and thinking – what happened to this year?  Well – we all know…

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Planning: A Look Back

We made it to December!  The FAB FRIDAY theme this month is Planning!  I know after the year we’ve just been through – you may laugh and say why plan at all? I hear you! There were several things on my 2020 plan that did not happen (a new book, a 3 day live retreat),…

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