Questions: 3 Magic Questions

 3 Magic Questions for your Business

As a business coach and as an Entrepreneur I love the thought of asking questions to shift your thinking.   I firmly believe that our thoughts become things, and realize that humans tend to have more negative thoughts than positive ones. So how to shift that?  Affirmations, Gratitude Journals – yes those work and I use them both, however what else is possible? 

I recently listened to the book called The Magic Question: How To Get What You Want in Half the Time by Bart A. Baggett.  Based on the science of how the brain works and advanced linguistics tools, this tool (the Magic or Direction question) can help shift your mind in the direction of happiness, success and optimism using the power of one question per day!

BRAIN SCIENCE:  The Reticular Activator System (RAS) – is an area of the brain where dozens of neuron pathways intersect with various functions.  The RAS is the project coordinator that delegates all the body functions from fatigue, heartbeat, sleep, temperature and pain on a subconscious level.  It decides what grabs your conscious attention all based on what you, in the past, deemed important and relevant.  The RAS responds to novelty – you notice anything new and different.   Affirmations, vision boards and goal-planning work to a degree, but your RAS starts to filter them out eventually, by focusing only on the 5-7 points of awareness most relevant to today’s tasks. 

Question # 1:  What’s Good and What’s New?  When you ask this question every day – not allowing yourself to repeat answers, the first few days will be easy, but then your brain has to start searching for answers that fit the criteria.  This question also pre-supposes that there IS something new and good we experience every day.  

Question # 2: Is there an Option C? In any tough decision we often narrow our choices to A or B. We then sweat out the details of the pros and cons of those TWO choices. There is always an option C.  The problem is we simply don’t see Option C when we are focused on deciding between Option A and B. 

Question # 3: What is another way for me to be successful today? This simple question is linguistically elegant because it pre-supposes there was already another reason to be successful.  Now your brain is looking for two things, not just one.  And it has an embedded command to be successful today– not in the future. 


In the book, Mr. Baggett, gives you this process:

In your own handwriting, write out your ONE magic question (doing more will only confuse and overwhelm the RAS) on a few 3×5 index cards or large sticky notes.  Place it where you will see it and read it out loud multiple times throughout the day (bathroom mirror, at your desk, refrigerator door, or bedside table).  

Keep that question active until your brain has had time to come up with some creative solutions.  Some people use the same question for one day, one month or even one year. 

Asking the right question is part 1, answering it is part 2.   You must allocate 60 seconds (ONE MINUTE) each time you read the question to answer this question 5-10 times throughout the day.  This mental process must become a habit.  You’re re-wiring your brain and creating new mental pathways each time you answer the questions. 

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