Planning: A Look Back

We made it to December!  The FAB FRIDAY theme this month is Planning!  I know after the year we’ve just been through – you may laugh and say why plan at all?

I hear you!

There were several things on my 2020 plan that did not happen (a new book, a 3 day live retreat), but there were also many things that did happen for the better, in a way I couldn’t have predicted (I took my Peer Advisory Boards online and now have members outside the Denver Metro area).

No matter how out of control we feel after this years curveballs, we still need to have a plan for our business.

To use a common planning analogy – you wouldn’t get in your car and drive to another state without some planning.  You need to know you have enough gas, is your car running well, do you know which roads to take, do you have your mask, and do you have some snacks and great music for your trip :-)! 

You also need to know what’s behind you in the rear view mirror.  As we close out 2020, this first week we are going to take a look back. 

Reflection Questions:

I encourage you to set a timer (one of my favorite tools) for 10 -15 minutes, ask yourself these questions and write down as many answers as you can.

  • What went right this year?
  • What are the positive outcomes of COVID/Homeschooling/Business Pivots?
  • Who did I meet this year that has been a great…friend, referral partner, client, etc.?
  • What did I learn about myself this year?
  • What books or education did I complete this year?

Once you have your answers to these questions – the next step is to celebrate!  Stay tuned for tips on that next week!

How do you wrap up the year and plan for the next?   

If you need help with planning in your business, consider talking with me about a 90 Minute FOCUS session.  We can get all that data out of your head and into an action plan! 

The first step – let’s chat! Schedule a Free 30 Minute Call.