Planning: Stop, Keep, Start

Feeling the pressure of a year ending and a new one beginning? If you are like me and many other entrepreneurs I work with, you are feeling the pressure of all of those unfinished projects. 

You may be looking at your list of goals from January and thinking – what happened to this year?  Well – we all know 2020 was a sh*itshow of a year for multiple reasons.  

To help alleviate some of the pressure you may be feeling about getting your projects completed or which ones to carry into Q1 2021 – there is a simple tool, called Stop, Keep, and Start. This is the training topic I am leading with my Peer Advisory Boards this month. 

 I first learned about this from Tom Ninness many years ago.  He does this practice each quarter to make adjustments throughout the year.  It is quite effective when you take time to do it.  It can be used not only for your business, but for all aspects of your life: relationships, spirituality, finances, learning, etc. 

How to use Stop, Keep, & Start. 

Get out a pile of sticky notes, your timer, and block off an hour. On each sticky note write down ALL the tasks and projects you are working on in your business.  On a large whiteboard, wall or 3M pad – make three columns: Stop, Keep, Start.  Place all sticky notes into one of the 3 columns.  What are you going to Stop doing?  What is working and you need to maintain doing it? and what are ONE OR TWO!! new things you will start? 

Another helpful tip: Put an arrow up or down on the sticky note if that task feeds you with energy or drains you of energy!  If all the arrows are going down – you need to call me for a FOCUS session!

What’s on your STOP, KEEP and START lists?   

If you need help with planning in your business, consider talking with me about a 90 Minute FOCUS session.  We can get all that data out of your head and into an action plan! 

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