TOOLS: Email Tools

Email – email email!  It is an amazing way to communicate and also a never ending energy suck.  There are some who maintain a zero unread inbox – good for you!  I’m sure that gives you a great deal of satisfaction.  I have given up on ever getting to zero, but I do try to…

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TOOLS: The 10 Minute Brain Dump!

Most Entrepreneurs are full of it!  Well -full of creativity, ideas, potential!  With all of those ideas for new things swirling in our heads, along with all of the things it takes to continue to market, sell, and deliver our products or services, our brains can get clogged!  I’m sharing one of my favorite tools –…

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Focus: Celebrate the Small

FOCUS: Celebrate the small thingsFriday of week 6 of Shelter in Place, and today I encourage you to focus on celebrating the small things. We have some big things to celebrate in our family today: My daughter Natalie turns 21 and my youngest sister – the other one of “The Little Girls” in our family…

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