I hope you had a Joy-FULL Thanksgiving and you have made your list and are checking it twice against all the Black Friday deals for those gifts on your list!

As we wrap up with our last letter of the theme TGJ – JOYFUL, let’s start with a quick definition from Websters Dictionary:

joyful : feeling, causing, or showing joy

I didn’t find that too helpful so I went to a google search

What does joyful mean in one word?

1. joyous, happy, blithe; buoyant, elated, jubilant.


I thought I’d run it through Chat GPT with a business owner slant and here is what it came up with:

“Joyful for business owners means experiencing the exhilarating fulfillment of entrepreneurial success, accompanied by the satisfaction of achieving goals, fostering a positive work culture, and reaping the rewards of their hard work and dedication.”

Yeah – I can go with that definition!

Whatever brings you joy and however you define the word – I hope you find yourself Joy-FULL this holiday season!


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