Here we are rolling into the 2nd weekend of November! The holidays are upon us and Black Friday deals have turned into Black Friday Month!

You may be wondering about the theme listed at the top of the email: TGJ ?

Thankful Grateful and Joyful!

November is the month we celebrate Thanksgiving which hopefully inspires us to take some time to stop and take stock of what we are thankful for in our lives and our business.

As a business owner, I’m incredibly thankful for several aspects of my entrepreneurial journey.

The independence and control over my business decisions provide a sense of empowerment and fulfillment. The ability to shape the direction of my company and make strategic choices is a privilege that I don’t take lightly. I like my boss 99% of the time 🙂

Financial rewards are another significant source of thanks and celebration. The success of my business translates into a stable income, growth opportunities, and the potential to create Joyful Profits (more on this coming soon). It’s a tangible reward for the hard work and dedication invested in building and sustaining the business. You may remember me telling you about the Profit First system – I love being able to see my profit account grow and giving myself a regular paycheck.

On a personal level, the professional growth that comes with running a business is invaluable. Overcoming challenges, making tough decisions, and constantly learning contribute to my ongoing development. The journey of entrepreneurship is a continual process of honing skills and expanding my capabilities – like getting certified in NLP by the end of this year!

The flexibility that comes with being a business owner is another blessing -especially during the summer when I get to take off every Friday morning (and some Wednesdays) and go paddleboarding! While the demands are high, having the autonomy to set my own schedule and prioritize tasks is a level of freedom not found in traditional employment.

Clients – I’m so thankful to build and maintain relationships with my amazing clients! Celebration, positive feedback, repeat business, and a satisfied customer base are indicators that my services are making a difference in people’s lives. I even was honored with a poem from a client titled “God Bless Mary Gaul!”

Creativity and innovation also hit the Thankful list. Whether it’s developing new products, implementing innovative processes, or finding creative solutions to challenges for my business or my clients, the entrepreneurial spirit thrives on innovation.

Contributing to the community is a responsibility I cherish. Support for community events, or contributions to charities, my business plays a role in the well-being of my community.

Did you catch my trademark Connect, Contribute and Celebrate in this list?

While challenges are inevitable, I’m Thankful for the opportunities they bring for learning and improvement. Overcoming obstacles makes me and my business more resilient, better prepared for the future.

In essence, being a business owner is a journey filled with challenges and triumphs, and I’m thankful for every aspect that contributes to the growth and success of my business.

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