Future Thinking

Hamilton the musical starts streaming today on Disney+. (7/3/2020). I recommend you sign up and watch it – multiple times with your family!  I have been lucky enough to see the stage production twice and have the cd’s on shuffle in my car all the time!  I love the story, the messages and the music!  

I’m also reading the biography of Abraham Lincoln, A. Lincoln: A Biography, by Ronald C. White It’s a thick book that chronicles through Lincolns own letters, writings and stories from those interviewed at the time of his growing up through his presidency.  It is a glimpse into how a person who asks great questions gets answers (or sometimes more questions!). 

What strikes me the most about our founding fathers and the subsequent early leaders of our great nation is that they were future thinking.  Taking the problems of their time, tyranny, bias, slavery, developing economies, and many more issues, and were thinking not only how to solve those for their immediate resolution, but how would the solution affect the nation for future generations 

What are you doing now that will affect future generations?  It’s a great question to ponder as you watch the flag wave in the breeze, or ooh and ahh while watching fireworks. 

Don’t forget to say a little Thank You to our founding fathers for being such forward thinkers!

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Until next week, put some F.A.B. in your Friday and STAY SAFE!