Action vs. Analysis Paralysis

Have you ever found yourself faced with a difficult decision and don’t know what you should choose? Has it taken you so long that maybe one of the choices has fallen through? Or maybe you regretted the decision you did end up making, but either way, you were not happy with the way things turned out. The above situation can happen because of something known as analysis paralysis. If you don’t work to overcome analysis paralysis, you may find that it has a bigger effect on your life than you can imagine. It may end up holding you back in several ways The more options there are in a situation, the more likely someone becomes bogged down by analysis paralysis. 
When you face a decision and cannot make it, Analysis Paralysis can hold you back from your happiness and pursuing goals. 

  • It lowers your Performance
  • It creates Distraction
  • It ruins Creativity
  • It keeps you from feeling Happy
  • It drains you of energy to work on your Goals

TAKE ACTION:How to overcome Analysis Paralysis:The good news is, once you decide that you want to take control of your life and stop being held back by your decisions, you can use some of the following tips to help overcome analysis paralysis in your life
1.Make Hard Decisions FirstWhen you make so many decisions, each one takes some of your energy, leaving less for the next. You may find yourself at the end of the day with analysis paralysis because you have no more energy left to make decisions. (Like deciding what’s for dinner – hint- see the Magic Meal Planner below!) This is why you should make your hardest decisions first thing in the morning when your mind is fresh. If you face a big decision in the afternoon, this is a great opportunity to let someone know you wish to sleep on it and get back to them the next morning. 2.Don’t Overconsume InformationWith the age of the internet, no matter what sort of decision you are trying to make, it is highly likely that you can overconsume information in your search for the right answer. Overconsuming information may start with the best intentions, but when you have too much information, you will find it impossible to decide. One business school professor, Bob Pozen, recommends knowing the answer you are looking for before you begin searching to limit information consumption. For example, if you are trying to pick between two jobs, make a list of your deciding factors and keep it short. Say you want the job that involves driving the least for the highest pay. Now take this limited information, head to your internet browser, and find the answer for those two things alone. 3.Give Yourself A DeadlineA major aspect of analysis paralysis is that the person doesn’t feel enough urgency. You can stop this by giving yourself a deadline for every big decision you are faced with and ensuring that you stick to it. Say you are purchasing a new car, but you can’t decide between two models. You like them both the same. They each have their pros and cons. No matter what way you weigh them, you can’t make a decision. Resolve to give yourself a specified length of time, such as 48 hours, and don’t let yourself miss this deadline. This way, you will make your decision quickly and efficiently. You won’t find yourself struggling with the decision longer than you need. This tactic is often easier said than done, but it will become a habit if you commit to setting deadlines regularly. 4.Talk It OutSometimes when you are making a big decision, you get so wrapped up in the pros and cons in your head that you can feel like nothing is clear anymore. Instead of letting your mind be overcome with thoughts, sit down and talk out your decision with someone else – Like your business coach or Peer Advisory Board!Not only does saying your choices out loud often help with a decision, but the person you are talking it out with might have some insight that can help you. If you are experiencing Analysis Paralysis in your business – I can help!
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