Word of the Year

Step 1:  Pick a word /phrase for the year – mine is: Simplify, Ease and Joy. 

Do you ever pick a word or phrase for the year?  It’s a fun thing to do to help keep you grounded and motivated as you create your plans and work your plans throughout the next 50 weeks.  I typically will start to have a word show up for me as I’m thinking about my goals for the quarter/year.  If you meditate, you may ask yourself before a session – What is my word or phrase this year?   

My family sometimes will find a phrase that works with the year – “More Money in 2020”  or “More Fun in 2021”. 

The words Simplify, Ease & Joy have been showing up in conversations, dreams, songs, books, podcasts, etc. so those are the words I’ve written at the top of my vision board.  Is there a word or phrase showing up for you? 

If you want some help – Check out this word of the year generator for some ideas:  Jen Fulwiler, a former programmer who is now a standup comic with six kids. http://wordoftheyear.me/

Step 2: Once you have your word/phrase – print it out where you can see it everyday.  Put it on your bathroom mirror, in your car, near your phone charger. Reflect on what that means in your life and how you will start to bring more of that into your world. 

BUSINESS:  FOCUS Sessions.  Do you need to simplify things in your business (there is that word again!).  Hiring a coach like me can help you get those ideas and projects out of your head and into a streamlined, simplified plan of action you can implement with ease and joy!  In a 90 minute FOCUS session we can sort out what brings you energy and revenue, and grant you permission to eliminate the rest. 

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