FOCUS: Reality and Responses

As we close out week 5 of Shelter in Place, my husband and I were amazed when we woke up and it was Friday morning again! It seems like it was just Sunday night and we were talking about the week ahead. Our days are filled with a new routine, while at the same time it seems very unreal, that people are out there, sick, scared, unemployed and mourning the loss of loved ones.

Everyone is now starting to talk about the “new normal” and getting back to work, opening up the economy. For those of us who have been working away in our bubble, it’s a jolt of reality to what our world and our businesses in particular may look like as we move forward.

Two things to FOCUS on this week:

1) New Reality: Focus on today. The future doesn’t exist – except as an idea. WE can create a future by continually looking at the reality of our situations and what each of us can do to move forward. Focus on how you can become the expert on your future. Every 24 hours you get to take in information, filter it through your experiences and then build your own future based on your reality.

2) Responses: In our day to day lives, we tend to feel like we are in control of events, however when the entire world has been hit with this Pandemic, much of our “control” has been taken out of our hands. It may seem as if we have lost the fundamental ability to be in charge. Consistently successful people know they can’t always control events or circumstances, but they can control their responses to those events. Pausing to think creatively about your situation and leaning into the discomfort and uncertainty, will help you manage the unpredictability.

Ask yourself questions like these:

What is it that I can control in this situation?

What resources do I have access to?

What do I want to create out of this situation?

Then get quiet and listen for the answers. Base your responses not out of fear, but based on creativity.

This week, I encourage you to FOCUS on your New Reality and your Responses to it!

Stay safe, stay connected and stay grateful!