Creative Thinking – Do you take time for it?

Let’s start by taking a look at creative thinking, what it is, and how we can start to think more creatively. The phrase most often used to describe creative thinking is “think outside the box.”

I like to think about it as a way to think about something in a new and different way. Look for the not so obvious solutions not thought of by anyone else. What are some potential alternatives? Yes, it will be out of the box thinking, but it can be so much more.

Let’s look at an example of creative thinking. Suppose you just bought a new house, and between the cost of the down payment and renovations you had to make, you’re broke. Your neighborhood association sends you a letter that your yard needs to be redone to fit in with the overall landscape. There is no money in the budget for landscaping. What do you do?

You have to get creative. The obvious answer is to do it yourself, but that takes time, money, and skill that you may not have. Some creative options may be to get in touch with an up and coming landscaping company to see if they are willing to redo your yard free or at cost price in exchange for putting up a sign to advertise their business in your yard. If you have web design skills, you could barter those in exchange for the work. Think outside the box and come up with a creative solution.

Make time to think! 

I encourage you to make time to THINK this week!

Step 1: Block out 30 minutes  – Set a timer!

Step 2: With a blank peice of paper – write an issue you are dealing with at the top

Step 3: Spend the next 30 minutes just free flow writing down questions and solutions, – remember in creative thinking nothing is off the table – including having Aliens come and help solve the problem (hee hee – I just wanted to see if you read all the way to the end!)

What are you doing to schedule in some FUN and Creative Thinking in your business next week?

Until next week, put some F.A.B. in your Friday!