Checklists: Marketing Content Planner

This month’s theme is CHECKLISTS! I love a good checklist to help break down complex tasks into repeatable actions. I’ll be sharing some of my favorites over the next few weeks. 

A good checklist has the same benefits of a system – Save Yourself Stress Time, Energy and Money.  

Today I want to share a checklist (well – spreadsheet) that I have been using for the last 3 years when creating the content for these FAB Friday newsletters.  


First Tab – Content:When you open the spreadsheet you will see the main tab which helps me plan and track my content each week.  I have a theme for each month, a list of what I am promoting, the topic/ subject line, and then columns to track how many were sent, did I post it to my blog, linkedin and facebook.  When I open this each week to see the topics – I grab the results from the previous week to track opens and click rates.  I can then easily use this data to see which topics were most interesting to you!I only track emails on this tab – but you can easily add in rows for social media posts as well. 

Second Tab: Events This is a nice place to track any events (virtual or live) where you may be speaking or attending that you may want to promote in your content plan.

Third Tab: Email Subject Lines:  Its nice to keep a list of these in one place so you can refer to them easily.  You can do a google search for top email subject lines for your industry – then copy and paste them here so you  will have them handy. 

Fourth Tab: Social Promo List: This is a checklist of which platforms/ groups you can post a self promotion post and on what dates.  Some groups limite self promotion to certain days of the week and you want to make sure you are getting your stuff out there. 

Download the FAB FRIDAY MARKETING PLAN TEMPLATE HERE. Set a timer and map out what your messages will be for the next quarter (June, July and August).  If you only send an email once a month – what will your topic be?  What will you be promoting to your audience?  Do you have any events coming up? Which social media platforms are you active on? Are you in groups that allow for self-promotion on certain days – fill in that tab and then make sure you are posting something.

Remember a Checklist helps you take a complex series of tasks and makes it easy to remember and do each step consistently. 

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Mary Gaul helped my partner and I analyze our business and pushed us out of our comfort zone. She has a gentle way of leading us down the right path that is best for our company that was so appreciated. We will be working with Mary more in the future!