Action: Meet the WEDGE system-Part 1

The WEDGE System
If you are the type of person who struggles to move past the planning phase of a project, worry not. Let me introduce you to WEDGE.WEDGE is a 5 Step System that will help you move from theory into practice. These five steps might seem simple at first, but a great power lies within. 

The WEDGE System ·       

What & Why?·       

Establish Goals·      

 Decide What Matters Most·       

Go with Milestones·       

Engage In Reflection 

While these steps may be self-explanatory, we should still break each step down, so there is no confusion. There is a lot of material here – so I’m going to break it down over two weeks! 

First we start with W: What & Why?  

What are you planning to achieve, and why do you want to achieve it. This might seem like a silly question, but have you ever given it serious thought? Think about it. You are so busy working on your plans and theories that you might have forgotten why you wanted to plan in the first place. First, figure out WHAT you want. The easiest way to do this is to envision what your ideal future looks like. ·       

  • What do you want to own?·       
  • Who do you want to spend time with at work and for fun?·       
  • What is your career?·       
  • What do you want to achieve? 

Then figure out WHY. This step is tougher and deserves some serious thought. You can help yourself by asking some key questions like: ·       

  • Why do I want to achieve this?·       
  • How will my life change for the better if I achieve this?·       
  • Who else is depending on me?·       
  • What will happen if I don’t achieve this? 

Knowing what you want allows you to plan properly while knowing why you want it helps move you from planning to action. 

Establish Goals.

 There is a good chance you already have goals. After all, if your issue is that you are stuck on the theory side of things, you must be planning or researching something you want to achieve. However, if these goals aren’t properly defined, it could be contributing to your lack of action. 

For proper goal setting, you should look at what you want to achieve from the previous step and then make sure you write that down as a SMART goal. If you need a refresher, SMART goals are: 

Specific – Your goals must be specific. The vaguer your goal, the less likely you will act on it. Be as specific as possible. Your goal shouldn’t be “make more money.” It should be “I will get a promotion at my current workplace that pays me $1000 more a month.” 

Measurable – Your goal also must be measurable. Setting a goal regarding your finances is easy because you can measure your progress in how much more money you are making. For other goals, you might have to get more creative. 

Achievable – This is controversial because it seems to forgo big exciting goals. The thing is, you don’t have to avoid big audacious goals. You just need to make sure you also have some more reasonable and reachable goals. You should stretch your abilities, but if your goals aren’t realistic, you will likely get stuck in the planning stages. 

Relevant – Your goals should be relevant to both your overall vision and your core values. If you are working on goals that don’t progress you to your ideal life, you are more likely to avoid acting on them. 

Time Sensitive – You should always attach a deadline to your goals. Your deadline gives you something to focus on and strive towards. When you have a deadline, you are essentially limiting the time you have to theorize. If you don’t put your plans into practice, you won’t meet your deadlines. 

Goals are powerful tools that help direct your actions, but setting them properly is a key step. When you set SMART goals, you will find it easier to make your plans and theories become a reality. 

Stay Tuned…Next week we will cover the next 3 letters of WEDGE

  • Decide What Matters Most 
  • Go with Milestones
  • Engage In Reflection 

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