Systems: 6 Essential Systems for Your Business

As I mentioned in last weeks FAB Friday post – Systems allow your business to run like a well-oiled machine while making it more streamlined, more productive, and ultimately, more profitable.

And my favorite acronym for SYSTEM is this:  Save Yourself Stress Time Energy Money

Here are 6 essential systems for any business:

  1. Marketing/Networking – Getting known.  How do people know your business exists?
  2. Communication –Talking to your prospects, network and clients. Which methods do you use? Email, social media, text, telephone, mail and dare I say – In person!
  3. Sales – Selling your product / service. How do you go from awareness to an actual purchase?
  4. Operations – Doing the work / delivery.  What are your methods of delivering your product/service? 
  5. Money – Flowing in and out. How do you collect money, how do  you track expenses, how do you pay bills? 
  6. Growth – Goals, tracking, personal development. What are you doing to grow yourself and your business?


To see which systems you may need to work on – ask yourself this question:  What am I recreating or starting from scratch repeatedly?  Keep a list and then see where those items can be put into a system that automates, delegates, or eliminates the task. 

What systems do you need to upgrade in your business?  Download my Key Business Systems Review checklist today!

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