Happy Festival of Sleep Day!

A whole day dedicated to sleep?

According to timeanddate.com January 3rd, The Festival of Sleep was created for those who need some sleep after the Holidays! We all love the cozy feeling of being wrapped up in our comforters, snuggled in bed, drifting off to a deep night’s sleep. However, as entrepreneurs, that may be a long-lost fantasy. We spend our days working at all hours and find ourselves unable to detach from work when we should be sleeping. Nights are spent tossing and turning, thinking about problems and to-do lists, goals, emails, etc. This can leave us feeling drained in the morning, with even less motivation to get going. The ultimate effect is losing joy in the daily running of our business.

Benjamin Franklin was right!

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”. Another old early-to-bed-quoteadage ‘you snooze you lose’ is one that many small business owners find themselves up against daily. Squeezing as much as you can within a day and being constantly on the go, has negative consequences. The opposite statement is how we should be thinking – ‘you snooze you win’. Downtime is a must in order to be both productive and innovative with our work. Even Ben said you have to go to bed early if you are going to get up early!

Getting a good night’s sleep boosts your ability to be productive, in turn boosting your company’s success. Getting at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep a night improves your brain function, making it easier to problem solve during the day. Actually, sleeping on a problem can help your brain integrate the multi-faceted sources of information obtained during the day, leaving you with a more cohesive decision in the morning.

Catch those Zzz’s

Creating a regular schedule to settle down can become habit, so every night is a restful and rewarding one. No more need for a Festival of Sleep to catch up on much neglected sleep.

  • Switch off all your electronic devices at a set time every night
  • Finish any jobs that you can- mark them off your to-do list and celebrate your accomplishment
  • Clear the clutter from your bedroom  
  • Grab a blank notebook and do a brain dump – jot down anything that pops into your head that you need to focus on the next day
  • Enjoy a relaxing warm drink (not alcoholic or caffeinated)
  • Get comfortable, preparing your body and mind to shut off for the night

Peace of Mind

Another way to improve your sleep is by knowing you are living up to your potential; being clear on why you are on the planet. By discovering your Pinnacle Gift TM and using those gifts in your business you can improve the quality of your sleep. If you feel like you are floundering in your business, worried about where it is going or not sure how to get where you need to be – then your sleep could be affected. Ending each day knowing that you are doing work you don’t love or are not excited about, can lead to disturbed, uncomfortable sleep and start your day with dread.

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