Community – Put the YOU in CommYounity

We’ve been talking about community this month. I believe that small businesses are the lifeblood of a community. We’ve seen the impact of them closing over the last 18 months.
Small businesses sponsor the local schools events and sports teams, they pay local taxes, they hire people in the community. Without them our communities would dry up – people would move on.
Often we think of community as something other than ourselves – but we ARE the communities we live and work in.
Here are 3 simple ways to put the YOU in your Community!
1) Offer to teach a class with your favorite skill. Maybe you love to cook, or garden – offer to teach a class for free to those in your community.
2) Sell your skills as a fundraiser. Does your school need a new playground? Does the local park need some new basketball nets? As above – choose a skill you have, create a sales program and then offer all or a portion of the proceeds to a specific fundraising goal.
3) Make your spending count. Shop at local small business, Pop into your local coffee shot rather than the big chain. Shop for unique items on Etsy instead of Amazon (or at least register withAmazonSmile: You shop. Amazon gives. you do choose to shop with major retailers, look for those with a social program. Do they support people of color? Do they give a % of proceeds to charities you admire?

TAKE ACTION:How are YOU fitting in and supporting your Community? It takes all of us to create a sustainable community – go do your part!
Find something that is meaningful to you AND benefits your community and get out there and DO IT!
Stay tuned to this Month’s FAB Fridays as we talk about building a community you love.
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