It’s August! My Favorite month of the year!

We are wrapping up my birthday week! I’m still celebrating so many other great things this month. Today I’m celebrating my incredible clients!

I want to share with you an amazing poem that one of my clients (Kay Adams) wrote for my birthday! She pulled in language from my Pinnacle Gift statement and it truly captures who I am and what I do. THANK YOU KAY!

God Bless Mary Gaul!

Let us all come together, let us all CELEBRATE

the birth of a woman whose helped change our fates.

Who compassionately nurtures, and makes gold out of rust

with her calming clarity, and her thoughtfulness.

She’s a trusted leader, so smart and so true

She believes in each one, and in all that we do.

She creatively inspires all her entrepreneurs

To pursue their big dreams, and avoid the detours.

With a generous heart and a head full of brains

She magnifies success with her soft, velvet reins.

With integrity born from a warmth all her own

We can move forward  because of the light she has shown.

She’s earned all our trust, she’s as good as it gets

She has all our backs, and we have no regrets.

She persistently encourages, so we can get it all done

Who knew accountability could be this much FUN?

With intuition she guides us to forge our own ways

She’s fabulously gifted- not just on Fridays!

She’s the reason I’m standing, and why I  must carry on,

She believes in my vision and helps me stay strong.

Let us applaud her support  and the woman she is

A masterpiece of love with so much to give.

So raise up your glasses and toast to the call

As we proclaim together, “GOD BLESS MARY GAUL!”

Happy, happy birthday, dear Mary!

With love and great gratitude for ALL you’ve given me, and the blessing you ARE.

~Kay Adams, August 7, 2023


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