Celebrate Your Network!

Celebrate Your Network!

How many people do you know? They say each person knows about 250 people (not including social media I think).

Stop and take a moment to think of all the people in your business world.  Your co-workers, employees, clients, customers, vendors, and networking groups.  Start to picture some of those people.  Now think of their stories – what got them to where they are? What are their greatest accomplishments? What are they proudest of?  What skills do they have that you admire? 

I hope this gives your reason to celebrate them.  Because I work and network with primarily Entrepreneurs, i am surrounded by people who are risk-takers, problem solvers, and are passionate about making an impact through their business.  Not to say that corporate employees don’t have those same characteristics, I’m just not around them.  

I love celebrating with those in my network, especially my clients!  One of my clients told me last week, that her favorite part of the Peer Advisory Boards meetings I facilitate is the sharing of Successes and Wins with other Entrepreneurs.  She comes to the meeting feeling like she is not doing enough to grow her business (we’ve all been there), and leaves feeling like a Rock Star, because she stopped and celebrated her accomplishments with a network of people who understand  and recognize what it took to get that done. 

I encourage you to stop and make a mental list of all of the people you have contact with in your business.   Then Celebrate the fact that you know them and get to interact with such wonderful people.   I am so amazed by the people in my network – they are amazing, each in their own way and I celebrate the gift that they are to me!