3 Quick Strategies to Boost Productivity in all areas of your life!

When you think of productivity, you might think I’m referring to those who work or own a business. While that’s true and my coaching works with Entrepreneurs, being productive in every area of your life is key to achieving any kind of success in your life.

We’ve all been there. We sit down to complete a task only to get sidetracked or we forget what we wanted to work on.

Or if your like me, you wonder why did I walk into this room? Why did I open up Facebook? What did I pick up my phone to do?

Then we stress out at the end of the day because the tasks didn’t get done.

I get it.

I want to share 3 quick strategies you can do to be more efficient. You’ve heard these before…. because they work! Give them a try!

  1. Turn off all devices except the one you are using to complete the task. Don’t answer the phone. Turn of notifications. Log out of your social media accounts. Turn off radios, television, or anything else that distracts you.
  2. Create a routine. Having a routine is a big part of being productive. For example, create a routine for when you begin working on a task. Clear your desk of clutter. Close unnecessary apps, browsers, and documents. Clear your mind of all chatter and then focus on the task for 30 to 45 minutes.
  3. Streamline your email time. This frees up time and resources. Don’t answer emails as soon as they come in. Instead, set aside a specific time to check and respond to emails. Clear out your inbox every day if possible.

There you have it. These three strategies can boost your productivity by saving you time and your sanity!

Until next time,