Vitamin C3: Lets Celebrate Women Entrepreneurs!

This month we will be touching on the themes from my book. It’s how I show up as a human being and definitely in my business. Vitamin C3 = Connection, Contribution, and Celebration!

Today we talk about the 3rd C in the Vitamin C3 trilogy: CELEBRATE!I love to celebrate – by myself when something goes right (do a little happy dance) or with others – acknowledging and celebrating their successes!

November 19, 2021 we celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is a day on which the work of women entrepreneurs is observed and discussed, held on the nineteenth of November of each year. The inaugural event was held in New York City at the United Nations, with additional events being held simultaneously in several other countries.

Inspiring 250 Million girls living in poverty
Empowering 4 BILLION unique women on the planet!

Let’s Go! #choosewomen Find out more about how to support the mission of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization at

Give a shout out to a woman entrepreneur today!

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