Vitamin C3: Connection is Everything!

Welcome to November!

The month of Thanksgiving and gratitude and the kick off of the holiday season!

This month we will be touching on the themes from my book. It’s how I show up as a human being and definitely in my business. Vitamin C3 = Connection, Contribution, and Celebration!

We start our business with a passion or skill and jump into the marketplace. Convinced we will be the next big startup and darling of Wall Street! Soon we find out there is not enough day left at the end of the to-do list.  

In working with Entrepreneurs, I have found that after being in business for a time, you start to burn out and eventually begin to dread working with your clients and going into the office each day (even if that office is in your home).

This disconnectedness and lack of celebration can cause Entrepreneurs to catch the “squirrel” syndrome. We lose focus and start simply “phoning it in’’. Or we begin looking for that feeling again by starting other businesses (side hustles), adding new services, creating unending projects which leads us to feeling more disconnected from our original passion.

Can you relate? 

We need to disrupt the negative thoughts and patterns of today’s high pressure, disconnected society. Since we shared a cave 1000’s of years ago, we have lived in a very tribal society. Fire vs. no fire, Us vs. Them. Rich vs. Poor, Country vs. City, Republican vs. Democrat, Mac vs. PC, and the divisions go on and on.  

My goal is to help people see that we are all connected at the very basest of levels (cells / dna/ stardust/ beings on the same planet), to encourage contributing to one another, followed by taking time to celebrate the large and smallest victories with one another. This applies to life and to business.


Some of my favorite Connection Tips from the book are below. Give one a try this week:

1) Journal: How Am I Connected to my business, my clients, my community? Set a time for 10 minutes and see what comes up? Are there ways you want to be more connected? How can you that into your 2022 planning?

2) Make 5 Keep the Connection Alive calls this week to someone who crosses your mind – when they answer (or on Voicemail) say “I’m just calling to keep the connection alive.”

3) Lunch Take Two! Invite 2 colleagues who don’t know each other for a lunch/coffee with you.

Next week we will be talking about Contribution!

In the meantime, if I can help you with Connection, Contribution or Celebrations in your business – Schedule a call so we can chat.