Until further notice…. CELEBRATE EVERYTHING!

What would your world look like if you decided to CELEBRATE EVERYTHING? 

There is so much negativity happening in our world right now and some deeply sad stuff, however I believe there is always a silver lining if we just decide to find it.  

I know that many business owners are struggling right now during this pandemic, but many are finding new ways to provide services that they never would have dreamed of, had they not been forced to do so. 

In my book Vitamin C3 for Business, there are ideas to Connect, Contribute and CELEBRATE your business. Here is one of my favorites.

I was on two LinkedIn training yesterday with Joyce Faustel, so that platform is top of mind today. When you go into LinkedIn – your notifications tell you that someone is having a work / business anniversary.  Help them CELEBRATE!

Vitamin C3 Tip 41 – Business Anniversaries:

3 ways you can help your clients/vendors and power partners to celebrate their business anniversary:

  • Share their story on your social media!
  • Send them a card explaining why you think they have been successful for another year.
  • Refer them a client!

3 ways to say Happy Business Anniversary

  • Great work is done by people who are not afraid to take on leadership.  Your business anniversary is another testament to the great workd and leadership you model.  Congratulations!
  • Durability, reliability and trust are still the values that make a company successful.  Your company represents all three.  Congratulations on your anniversary.
  • Every worth while accomplishment, big or little, has its stages of drudgery and triumph; a beginning, a struggle , and a victory.  Congrats on your (# of years) of success!


The month of August is a big celebration month for me: my birthday, my wedding anniversary, leaving my W2 and starting my first company, sunshine, water, all the good stuff!  

As I’m now in my 50’s, I don’t require any more “Things” and so I’m asking those in my network to make a donation to one of these two organizations:

The Colorado Alzheimer’s Association:  When my Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about 3 years ago – I got involved with the local Colorado Chapter of the Alzheimbers Association.  They have so many great resources and support for families dealing with this terrible disease.  This year’s walk in September will be done in our ow neighborhoods, but I still have TEAM RITA Z and am raising funds in honor of my Mom.  You can donate to our team here: http://act.alz.org/goto/TeamRitaZ

Street Business School: I have chosen Street Business School as a recipient because I believe in the spark inside every woman—and believe it’s stronger than poverty, hardship and oppression. Especially in response to COVID-19, your gift helps create an opportunity for a hard-working woman to lift herself and her family out of poverty. Check out my donation page here: STREET BUSINESS SCHOOL _ MARY GAUL