TOOLS: Peer Advisors

In this time of social distancing and remote work – You shouldn’t have to figure out success alone! 

“I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow.” – Woodrow Wilson

When you reach a level of success in your business, it can get lonely. You know you’re capable of more but you aren’t sure where to go.  You are surrounded by too many options, opportunities, and endless advice from well-meaning friends, family or networking partners.   

You might feel stuck. Unable to reach your full potential, and it isn’t for lack of trying.  You may have tried online courses or joined other masterminds hoping that would be the key to break through. 

But then you discovered something else– most masterminds have no structure, ignore you as a human being and what really matters to you, or they are all fluff – never really holding you accountable to doing the hard work.

I have been there too!

I was overwhelmed at how to grow my first business. I was at capacity mentally and didn’t have a clear direction forward.  Then I found a Peer Advisory Board.  I have been a member of a Peer Advisory Board for 6 years and have been leading them for almost 5. 

I have seen first hand the power of the conversations that lead to new businesses, new clients, clarity and direction in my own businesses and in those entrepreneurs who are part of my community.

Benefits of a Peer Advisory Board:

  1. Get Real / Give Real: A safe space to come and get real about what is happening in your business, without judgement, and the outside eyes of experienced entrepreneurs, who can help you see a path forward.  You’ll get opportunities to bring challenges and ideas to the table, to receive feedback and support. You’ll also contribute to the group by sharing your own wisdom and ideas. 
  2. Blind Spots and Decisions: Part of the value of a peer advisory board is having access to talent, experience, expertise, and lessons learned that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. With their extensive business experience, your board can help you challenge assumptions, better analyze information, and make better business decisions.
  3. Goals and Accountability:  By having dedicated time to focus ON your business each month your gives you a way to attain a different perspective, a broader and longer view, and perhaps most important—forces you to dedicate time to strategic thinking and planning.  Board members are a source of accountability and they are truth tellers, they understand the pressures you face because we’ve been in your shoes.

The Success Magnified Peer Advisory Boards are filled with amazing entrepreneurs who are ready to give and receive. We use a standard agenda, workbook and they are facilitated by me.  Each month we have a new training topic which provides new insight, awareness and potential opportunities for growth.

It is not another networking group, its a community!  Joining a Peer Advisory Board gives you a greater focus on growing your business with people you will come to know, like and trust – we have your back!

Now is the time to reach out for a community to help you grow your business.  Schedule a free 30 minute FOCUS session today and let’s chat to see if you are a fit for one of my Peer Advisory Boards. 

Stay safe, stay connected and stay grateful!