TOOLS: Happy May Day!

Today is May 1st!  Ending week 7 of shelter in place!  Some States are opening back up and spring is here!  Warmer weather, leaves are opening up, flowers are blooming!  In my family, we grew up making May Baskets.  The tradition was, we would make little baskets with dixie cups and pipe cleaners, then go pick flowers from our yard – we had lilacs and spirea bushes to pull from.  Then we would sneak the baskets to the neighbors porch and ring the doorbell and RUN!  The kids in that house would open the door and chase after you – (sometimes there was a kiss involved if they caught you!).

Here is my wish for you this May Day!

 In your MAY Basket today I’m offering a list of my favorite tools – I call my Success Magnifiers!

 Download Mary’s List of Success Magnifiers

This week, I encourage you to take a moment to celebrate SPRING!  

Stay safe, stay connected and stay grateful!

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