Time: What’s eating your time?

 What’s Eating Your Time?

If you are like me – you can’t believe its FRIDAY again already!  It was just Tuesday – what happened to the week?   

I consider myself very organized and I love systems so have many in place to keep my workload on track, but some weeks just seem to fly by and leave me wondering what did I get done? 

You may know where I’m headed with this – you don’t know where your time is going unless you pay attention to how you are spending it? One of the biggest gobblers of time is simply keeping up with emails and social media. 

For emails – try not opening your email first thing (I know – its a hard habit to break!)  Make it a goal to not look at your emails until 9:30. Try to have a project lined up when you shut down at night so that you can jump in and get started on that first thing in the morning without having to look at emails right away! You’ll be amazed at what you can get done without spending the first hour of your day in your inbox. 

For social media – set a certain time when you go in and engage.  Always set a timer when you open up social media – there are time gobblers in there! Set aside 30 minutes each day – go through your notifications, share, like and comment away.  Then close the apps and know that you can catch up with everyone again tomorrow.  Block of a time each month to create and schedule the majority of your posts (Like a Get It Done Already session – March 5th!)

Time Trackers: Try tracking your time for one week (next week is good!).  There are many ways to do this.  Set a timer on your phone for every hour and when it goes off –  jot down what you just did in that hour ( client work, marketing, emails, reading, networking, etc)  Put it in a spreadsheet, write it in a notebook whatever is easiest.  Toggl.com is a great time tracker that sits on your computer screen and let’s you start and stop a timer adding tags to easily track by project.  


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