The Power of Connections

We are into JUNE – SUMMER!  That means warmer weather (and fires), time spent on the water (see below to join in) and vacations, kids out of school and maybe a family reunion.  I’m headed to my Mom’s side of the family reunion today.  We typically meet every other year, but due to COVID – this one has been patiently rescheduled a few years now!  It’s finally happening and we are headed to Mt. Rushmore in SD for a gathering of cousins and the only surviving sibling (My Aunt Marge) of my Mom’s family of 8. 

This reminds me of the power of connection.  We all need to feel like we are a part of something bigger than ourselves.  I come from a large family (8 kids in my family) and both parent came from large families (Mom had 8, Dad had 12) which means I have a LOT of 1st cousins (over 70!).  That’s a lot of connections!

It’s also important to make connections and feel a part of something with our businesses.  I was just fortunate enough to help support my client with her 14th Cohort of Women training to get on Corporate Boards.  These women – many of whom had only met online via Zoom, came together and instantly had a strong connection filled with gratitude and support for each other. It’s such an amazing thing to witness!

Another example of connection is letting people know what you need and being open to receive it from your connections.   I was recently a guest on a the podcast Add Value 2 Entrepreneurs (listen here).  The host Robert Peterson, includes a list of his Top 100 wish list guests.  In reviewing the list I noticed Mike Michalowicz‘s name.  I LOVE Mike’s books and how he breaks down business concepts into implementable actions.  His book Profit First has changed the way I manage money in both my businesses. 

I had Mike’s email from his books and sent him an email expressing my thanks for his work, how it has impacted me and introducing him to Robert – including his Top 100 list.   I just found out that Mike reached out to Robert and will be on his podcast!  Wow – I LOVE that!

Simply by paying attention and taking a little bit of time – I have made a brilliant connection!


  • How can you take a moment to strengthen a connection today?  With a family member, with a client or with someone you have only met once? 

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Mary Gaul helped my partner and I analyze our business and pushed us out of our comfort zone. She has a gentle way of leading us down the right path that is best for our company that was so appreciated. We will be working with Mary more in the future!