The Joys of Summer!

Oh the Joys of Summer! We are half-way through July already!  You may have noticed the absence of the FAB Fridays the last two weeks – well I’m enjoying the slower pace of Summer! 

I recently re-read Oprah’s list of top 20 things she knows for sure and it got me thinking of her favorite things lists.  I thought I’d share my top 5 favorite things that bring me joy this summer!  Maybe it will spark some joy in you too!

The Joys of Summer:

1) Melons!  I love watermelon and my favorite melon is back (only at Costco) the Hami melon.  It’s a cross between the sweetness of a honeydew, the orange look and smell of cantelope and the crispness of jicama!  It’s my FAVE and only available for the summer – so I always have one cut up in the fridge!

2) Slower Pace.  I know that we are still out there working on our businesses, but it seems like everyone can just take a bit of a slower and more relaxed pace while doing it.  We may dress a bit more casual (I love a good summer dress and sandals), and take a bit more time on our calls or coffee meetings. Slow down!

3) Mini Vacations.  In the last two weeks, I’ve had 2 mini vacations!  I got out of town for a quick overnight and then had family come to town.  We got to enjoy showing them around our beautiful state and enjoy some downtime and gametime on our patio!  True Joy!

4) Watering!  I know we are in a drought and water is precious.  We try to conserve water however possible, but I love filling the watering can each  morning and walking around the yard giving all my flower pots a good drink of water.  Walking through the damp, cool grass in my bare feet starts the day off right.  Watching my garden veggies growing each day and anticipating the harvest also brings simple joy!

5) On the Water Networking!  This is the 6th year in a row I have set aside time to go out and be on the water (Paddle boards or Kayaks) with interesting people.  I love a good conversation, floating in the sun, swimming in the cool reservoir and just feeling so blessed to have build my business in a way that allows me the time to enjoy my life too!


Make sure you block time in your calendar to find your joy!

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