TIME: Task Management Tricks

Task Management TipsTasks are never ending as long as you are growing your business and you are alive!

1. Organize them.  groceriesImagine if you came home from the grocery store and just unloaded everything on the counter?  If you did that week after week -  the feeling of overwhelm and chaos may cause you to decide to order out for the rest of your life! Tasks on your to-do list are the same.  You have to have a place to organize them to make sense of the work you have to do.  How you organize them is up to you: by type of work (admin, marketing, client services) or by project (client ABC, social media posts, networking follow-up) or by length of time needed (5 minute tasks, 1 hour tasks) or by deadlines.

2. Calendar them.  Once you have put your tasks in some sort of order - block of time to get them done on your calendar!  Put the tasks into the notes of the calendar appointment so you don't have to think about what you are supposed to do during your "Marketing Time" appointment.

 3.  Gamify them.2 Minute Tasks - rather than adding another thing to you task list - if you can do it in under 2 minutes - just do it and be done!  I've been using this method this year and it has saved so much time!Set a timer (my FAVORITE TOOL!) and see how many tasks you can get done in 30 minutes (using your organized list)!  After 30 minutes - give yourself a prize (a funny cat video, a piece of chocolate, another cup of coffee) You Win!Set a goal for a certain task each day/ week - I'll spend 30 minutes on LinkedIn each day - connecting, commenting and posting. If you have build this 30 minutes into your calendar - when you have completed it each day - change the color of the appointment or change the text to DONE.  Then on Friday - REWARD YOUR EFFORT - (see treat list above!)

Task Trackers:  There are many tools out there to manage tasks/ projects and to-dos. Some of the tools I use: Trello.com - easy to use- graphically pleasing, Free! Google Tasks - It sits right in my Gmail inbox (over to the right hand side you'll see the little icon).  I can then easily add tasks from my emails and set a deadline. 

BUSINESS: FOCUS Sessions. Do you need to some outside eyes on your business?  Hiring a coach like me can help by asking questions about those ideas and projects swirling in your head.  We can then implement a streamlined, simplified plan of action you can implement with ease and joy!  In a 90 minute FOCUS session we can sort out what brings you energy and revenue, and grant you permission to eliminate the attachments to the rest. The first step - let's chat! Schedule a Free 30 Minute Call.