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Connecting to your gifts!

Wow! It’s already the last Friday in January! 2023 is rolling along at a fast pace! Today I am so grateful to be teaching the Pinnacle Productivity Course! Each one of these all day courses is transformational to small business owners! I love being their guide to the transformation! We are talking about connection this…

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Self-Care: The BEST gift to RECEIVE!

Here we are in the last few weeks of 2022! This month I want you to CELEBRATE YOU! I know the last few weeks of the year get very busy – wrapping up school events, shopping, prepping, and all while trying to keep everyone healthy. We have had a breakthrough case of COVID at our…

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Pushing Water Uphill With A Rake?

I love this expression!  It gives you a clear image of a struggle!  Something seemingly futile, but we keep on trying over and over.  Can you relate to that in your business?  In my work with Entrepreneurs, I often see them struggling with the same thoughts and actions in their business.  They are doing what…

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