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Celebration – With Relish

Happy August!I am sad to see this month of celebration end on the calendar but I hope you have gained a few ideas on how to keep the celebrations going in your business and life! Celebration = Relish? What?Not the kind of relish you would put on your deliciously grilled hot dog – no I…

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Celebrate Collaboration!

Happy August! As we roll into the weekend, I am delighted to celebrate the ultimate collaboration – Marriage! James and I have been married 28 years this weekend! We dated 4 years before that – so 32 years we have been collaborating on building our life together. I have some exciting Collaborations coming up – a cool…

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Client Celebrations: Michele Ashby

In the spirit of Celebration this month, I wanted to help celebrate some of my clients.  I am so grateful to get to work with amazing people doing amazing things – so I thought I’d share some with you!  I interviewed several clients  – here is what they are celebrating in their business! First up… Michele…

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