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Questions: 3 Magic Questions

 3 Magic Questions for your Business As a business coach and as an Entrepreneur I love the thought of asking questions to shift your thinking.   I firmly believe that our thoughts become things, and realize that humans tend to have more negative thoughts than positive ones. So how to shift that?  Affirmations, Gratitude Journals –…

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Questions: 2 Questions to Start Your Day

Do you have a morning routine?  For years off and on I have practiced a morning routine based on the book/cd 30 Days to Grace by Diane Sieg.  You know I love a good system – and this puts your morning routine into a system you can complete in 30 minutes!  Its comprised of 5 minutes deep…

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3 great questions for your next 1:1

 4 great questions to ask on your next 1:1 virtual coffee! As entrepreneurs, we need to have a strong network of potential and current clients, referral partners, and resources.  That requires us to get to know people in our network.  During COVID – we have all switched to building our network to virtual  “coffee meetings or…

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