Systems: Why you need better systems

Why you need better systems!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when we think of Systems.  That word encompasses everything from our planet in the entire Solar System to how we breath with our respiratory system. 

In our businesses we have many systems and we are going to talk about them this month YAY!  If you know me, you know I love systems, creating them, implementing them, brainstorming them and ultimately using them!  

Some systems we create by accident – we found a way to do things and then did that over again.  Other systems you may have put more thought into before you created the system.  But why create them in the first place? 

Systems allow your business to run like a well-oiled machine while making it more streamlined, more productive, and ultimately, more profitable.

When you let well thought out systems do the work for a portions of your business, it will run more smoothly with less day to day supervision, aren’t you smart!  That allows you to focus on more high-touch and profitable activities that are the best use of your time, energy, skills, and expertise, all while you generate more profits.

After all my favorite acronym for SYSTEM is this:

 Save Yourself Stress Time Energy Money

Once a system has been created (by accident or a strategy) and implemented you are not done!  Just like anything worth repeating in your business – it makes sense to stop, review what the system was designed to do, ask yourself if it’s still needed and working, or is there a better way?   

For example – I use a scheduling system called Calendly.  It is a great tool to save me time and energy around scheduling with clients and networking appointments.  However, by looking at my system, I found that a simple upgrade with the software allows me to bill for and get paid for appointments when clients book them.  Saving me steps in following up with an invoice or payment link – and the receipt and all reminders happen automatically!  Yay SYSTEMS!

What systems do you need to upgrade in your business?  Download my Key Business Systems Review checklist today!

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