Systems – When they work and when they don’t

Earlier in the month I gave an acronym for System – Saving Your Self Time Energy Money.  However the real definition of System is as follows:

System: A set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network.  A set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized scheme or method.

As we are in this time of pandemic and at least in Colorado we are ordered to Shelter In Place for the next several weeks, we are seeing great examples of systems large and small and the effect of when they work and when they don’t. 

Looking at large systems: we have large national and international systems related to  healthcare, finances, distribution of food and supplies and many more.  All of these are under duress right now.  There are some parts of the systems that are working effectively and other parts that have come into light as not working or not able to function under these new circumstances. 

What are the large systems within your business?  Marketing, Accounting, Time Management, Technology, Communication.  Are your systems holding up under these new circumstances?  

Drilling down to the small systems: your family, your community,  your health, your respiratory system.  This tiny virus is having a massive effect on these smaller systems as well. We are separated from loved ones (or stuck in the same house 24/7), our work colleagues and clients, then looking at your health both mental and physical.  How are you creating new systems or keeping up with the old that will allow your internal health system to work at its best? 

This week, I encourage you to review your systems/routines both large and small in your business and your life.  See what is working and not working so well, or needs to be upgraded due to our new normal.  

Stay safe, stay connected and stay grateful!