Systems- Do you use them?

Do you know the definition for System? 

Saving Your Self Time Energy Money!  

We all use systems everyday throughout our days.  Think of the system that you have for getting ready in the morning, the way you approach your day, and dress and feed yourself.  

I love systems: planning them, implementing them and using them.  

Lets look at the system of feeding yourself:  How can you save yourself time energy and money? By planning a menu for the week, going to the store once (or ordering it for delivery!), prepping meals /snacks in advance and in bulk, and then enjoying the fruits of your labor!  For over 20 years, I have planned the menu for the week on Saturday or Sunday, make my grocery list and then go to the store one time.  Knowing what we are cooking for dinner and that I have everything I need to prepare it, gives me such a sense of peace and relief.  It frees up the thought energy of the dreaded question…”Whats for dinner?”    You know you should eat breakfast everyday right?  So whatever diet you are following for your body type, spending a little time energy and money to prepare / stock up on what you need for a healthy breakfast will help to make your day start with less stress.  

Speaking of starting your day with less stress – what kind of System do you have for a morning routine?  Do you just hop out of bed (or even worse, while still in bed, look at your phone and start reading emails first thing)?  Stop it!  Give yourself and your internal systems a break and take a few deep breaths, think of 3 things your are grateful for, then get out of bed.  The world will survive if you don’t pick up your phone.

Once out of bed, consider doing some stretching, yoga or go for a walk.  Here is my morning routine/system:  Wake up, listen to self recorded affirmations (ok they are on my phone, you caught me!), then I go into my 30 minute system.  I use the 30 days to grace program by Diane Sieg.  5 minutes deep breathing, 15 minutes yoga, 5 minutes meditation (usually stretch this to 15) and 5 minutes journaling.   Once completed, I can start my day focused, stretched and ready for action!

This week, I challenge you encourage you to review your systems/routines and give them an upgrade if needed.  Where you could apply a SYSTEM to Save Your Self Time Energy and Money?