Systems: 3 Questions for Systems Spring Cleaning

3 Questions for Systems Building / Review

Last week I told you the 6 essential systems your business should have.  If you are wondering if you have a system or need a system – remember a good system is built to….

Save Yourself Stress Time Energy Money

3 Questions to ask when starting or reviewing a system in your business:

1. What am I re-creating or starting from scratch frequently? Do you find your self typing the same information into emails?  Having the same follow-up emails to send an invoice after booking an appointment?  You need a system to automate or streamline the process. 

2. Do I have a system for ________?  (for help filling in the blank – download my Key Business Systems Checklist)

3. What do I need this system to do? For example – I needed a system to have people book an appointment and pay me – without me sending multiple emails.  I upgraded my Calendly scheduling service to accept payments and eliminated the need for the second email – clients pay when they book, the reminders are all sent automatically and I don’t have to follow up with the PayPal link.  YES!


What systems need some spring cleaning?   Download my Key Business Systems Review checklist today! 

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BUSINESS: Spring Cleaning for Your Business!

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