Sunshine and Burnout: 3 Ways to Avoid Burnout

Here are 3 simple ways to help if you are feeling burnt out (and not by the sun!)

I realize that all of these have the word TIME in them – which the lack thereof may be causing your burnout.  Only YOU can prioritize your time and set those boundaries! 

1) Take Time Off! This doesn’t have to be a weeklong vacation.  I’m talking taking a few hours or 1/2 day to yourself to do NOTHING!  Just relax!  Totally unplug!  Breathe! 

This can also apply to some of your regular tasks – can you take a mini vacation from Social Media, Networking, zoom calls, emails, the news.  Trust me – the world will keep spinning!

2) Find Mental Quiet Time: Taking just 5 minutes to focus on your breathing and quiet your mind each day can help reduce your stress gain new perspectives, increase self-awareness, reduce negative emotions and increase your patience and creativity. Thats a great return on investment!

3) Time to Put Yourself First.  What brings you joy?  What re-charges your battery? How can you build some time into your schedule just for you and these things that re-charge you? 

4) BONUS:  Wear sunscreen!   If you are going to be getting outside to recharge, please wear sunscreen so you are not literally burned!   


Make sure you block time in your calendar to find your joy and take care of yourself!

On the Water Networking!  This is the 6th year in a row I have set aside time to go out and be on the water (Paddle boards or Kayaks) with interesting people. I love a good conversation, floating in the sun, swimming in the cool reservoir and just feeling so blessed to have build my business in a way that allows me the time to enjoy my life too!

I can help you find more Time AND Joy in your business – book a Free 30 Minute FOCUS Session with me!