Skeptic or Cynic?

Happy Friday July 5th.  We have just celebrated another year of America’s Independence! 

I often think about our founding fathers (and their friends and families who supported their decisions).  They faced profound difficulties (including skeptics and cynics) in declaring our independence from tyranny.  They then had to use incredible critical thinking skills to figure out how to form and run our new nation. 

While there are still many skeptics and cynics today, our nation and the government that was formed over 243 years ago, still functions pretty darn well!

A skeptic is someone who doesn’t believe something unless they have proof.

A cynic is someone who doesn’t believe something in spite of proof.

Which are you?  Why do you believe the way you do?

3 Simple Questions:

I’m speaking on the topic of Critical Thinking for Entrepreneurs next Friday (see link below) and I love that you can start to expand your critical thinking in as simple as asking these 3 questions when you are faced with new information. 

  • Why…? why did this take place? Why was this the result? Why did they do that?
  • What else…? What else took place, what other results could happen,  what else is possible? What else is behind their motivation?
  •  What if…? What if they did it this way? What if the results were different? what if I was in their shoes? 

By taking time to ask a few basic questions, you can train your mind to think more critically and form stronger, more well informed opinions and beliefs. 

What are you doing to schedule in some FUN and Critical Thinking in your business next week?

Until next week, put some F.A.B. in your Friday!