Sharpen Your Thinking Skills

Today I want to share with you my best tip for sharpening your critical thinking skills. It may sound too simple, but it’s something that works well if you do it and do it regularly.The best thing you can do to sharpen your critical thinking skills is to practice it frequently.

Become more aware of the information you consume and how you approach and solve problems.

Go through the basic steps of critical thinking:
– Gather information needed to evaluate the problem or situation
– Question your Basic Assumptions
– Remove any Bias
– Look at alternatives
– Examine cause and effect
– Find the simplest solution.

Get in the habit of going through the process of gathering data and analyzing it in a logical way whenever and wherever you can.

All that practice and awareness will quickly pay off. You may be surprised at what you learn!Ask questons  Download a free copy of my report: Creative and Critical Thinking Skills – Your Hidden Superpower