Say Goodbye to Bad Habits Killing Your Productivity – #1 No Morning Routine

Let’s talk about those bad habits that might be taking away from you being the most productive you could be. We all have a few even if we don’t realize just how they are keeping us from being productive.

There are obvious ones, like procrastinating, or binge watching your favorite cooking show, being unorganized or not knowing how to do the task. However, what about the little ones you don’t realize are the culprit.

Let’s examine one – NO MORNING ROUTINE.

No morning routine is a big one. You might think that you are better off flying by the seat of your pants each day, but not really. Not having a morning routine gets you started off on the wrong foot.

You’re already behind because you don’t know what you’re going to wear. You have no idea what you or the kids are having for lunch. You are prepared for the activities already planned on your calendar. What if your kids needed to take something special to school or needed a sack lunch for a field trip? What if your top client calls and needs something right away?

Avoid these situations by making it a (good) habit to check your schedule each morning (and the night before) so you know what needs to happen that day.

Create a morning routine helps you (and everyone in your home) know the order of events each morning. For example, plan your breakfast for each day, set the coffee maker ahead of time on a timer, set timers on your phone for when things need to happen in the morning, such as when you need to be out the door for your first meeting.

Most people find that the morning is their most creative, can you spend some quiet time checking in with your goals through meditation?

I use two amazing tools as part of my morning routine:

Speed Dial The Universe Journal – it takes around 10 minutes but gets in my gratitude, vision, focus and fun all in one simple tool!

30 Days to Grace – This is a system that in 30 minutes walks me through 5 minutes of breathing, 15 minutes of yoga, 5 minutes of meditation and 5 minutes of journaling! Efficient and Effective!

Work on creating a routine that works for you each day. You might be surprised how much more you get done and how you feel in control!

Until next time,